Global Leadership Cohorts

*If you’re a student who’s ready to embark upon a spiritually courageous life abroad and seek a greater purpose in your host country, InterVarsity Study Abroad’s Global Leadership Cohorts (GLC) is for you! GLC is a unique opportunity to catalyze your leadership growth and discipleship while learning alongside the global church and experienced practitioners in missions.

GLC will offer focused discipleship, coaching, and formation to accepted study abroad students split into geographically based cohorts. You will be supported and coached to seek God for a tangible and specific missional activity while you are abroad. We want you to be creative, but some examples might include: starting a Bible study or GIG, regularly serving your city/campus abroad, participating in an outreach project with a local church/IFES movement, partnering with an ISM ministry, etc.

Benefits & Structure

  • GLC Launch Retreat
    • Due to COVID-19, all participants in the GLC Fall Cohort will participate in a Virtual Launch 
      • Dates: August (TBA)
  • Cohort Digital Small Group
    • Weekly Zoom sessions for encouragement and community
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching
    • InterVarsity mentor to coach growth goals and missional activity
  • Mid-Semester Spiritual Formation Retreat
    • Europe cohort: Journey pilgrimage of their choice (bringing a friend is encouraged). NOTE: Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, there will be a digital version offered in Fall 2021. 
    • World cohort: Digital Pilgrimage experience mid-semester
  • Virtual Debrief upon return to U.S.

Europe cohort $250 registration includes:

  • All in-person Journey costs, excluding transportation
  • SENT Handbook
  • *Fall 2021 cost = $15 due to no in-person trips.

World cohort $15 registration includes:

Apply for a Cohort

Fall Application Deadline: Extended to August 13th.

Spring Application Deadline: December 1st