SENT Handbook

Keep Jesus at the center of your study abroad with some of InterVarsity’s best evangelism, spiritual formation, and missions materials, plus resources designed especially to help you…


Training materials for self-led or group orientation, including: the Approaching Differences Diagram and Stages of Transition, a Daniel 1 Bible study, space to dream about starting something new abroad, and ways to connect with IFES in host countries worldwide.


Sixteen weeks of Bible studies and journal prompts designed for the study abroad experience, including four monthly retreat guides to consistently process cross-cultural adaptation, witness, and spiritual growth.


Curriculum for self-led or group debrief to help you re-enter U.S. culture well and integrate what you’ve experienced abroad into chapter life, campus outreach, and post-graduation.

Passport Stamps

You can earn up to 25 passport stamps as you pursue various means of discipleship, cross-cultural engagement, evangelism, spiritual formation, and more. (Stamps are included as a sticker sheet inside SENT.)

Order Your SENT Handbook

The SENT Handbook is also available as an interactive PDF in both the semester version and summer/quarter school version.