For three months, Italy will be your classroom as you take a plunge into the history of Rome, walking through the monumental witnesses and imposing buildings of the Eternal City. You'll see the current influences of Italian politics, religion, and customs that make Italy the complex culture that it is today.

This semester combines classroom learning and guided tours of Rome to provide a unique experiential program, including rich interaction with teachers, faculty, and ministry site hosts.

Program Pillars

  1. Academic courses: You’ll have a course load of 13-16 credits. All students will take Cultural Understanding, The History of Ideas, Ethics, and Church History, with the option of International Business or Exploring the Art of Italy. These courses combine classroom learning and weekly experiential learning field trips both in Rome and neighboring cities.
  2. Life in community. Students live together in a quaint convent setting with a Resident Coordinator, and learn how to cook Italian food and share 2 meals a week. Weekly, visit with an “adopted” Italian family.
  3. Opportunity for service and ministry in partnership with local nonprofits and churches include:
    • International student ministry
    • Partnering with evangelical churches in Rome helping refugees learn to speak English or Italian
    • Possible internship experience can be explored
  4. Travel: In addition to course trips to neighboring Greece, Pompei and Naples, this semester offers two independent travel weeks that gives options for students to explore places that interest them. InterVarsity Study Abroad welcomes you to one of InterVarsity’s European Journeys. Journey is an opportunity to study abroad differently. It turns wanderlust into a spiritual pilgrimage and helps you encounter God wherever you go.

Program Location

Nestled in the authentic Italian neighborhood of Pigneto about 40 minutes outside of the city centre, students live and study in one of the most visited cities in the world - Rome.

Program Courses

  • Cultural Understanding, 4 units
  • The History of Ideas, 3 units
  • Ethics, 3 units
  • Church History, 3 units
  • International Business*, 3 units
  • Exploring the Art of Italy*, 3 units

Notes on course offerings: Students may select four or five courses for a total of 13 or 16 credits. *Students select either International Business OR Exploring the Art of Italy which are taught at the same time.

How will I grow as a disciple of Christ?

  • Through your community times of bible study and prayer.
  • One-on-one mentorship with your Resident Coordinator (RC).
  • Opportunity to engage in a local church.

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