In InterVarsity, we believe that God gets involved in the study abroad experience and who you are becoming as you go to the ends of the earth. This kind of experience involves putting Jesus at the center, and if you do so, it can have a lifelong effect on who you become.

Jesus provides you a way to experience meaning and transformation in travel and in life like nothing else can.

God has a big story that we see all the way from the beginning: we were designed for good, damaged by evil, restored for better, and sent to heal. When you let Jesus shape your study abroad, even a few months abroad can become part of God’s big story.

Wherever you study abroad, God is there bringing healing and wholeness. Studying abroad is God’s invitation to go to those places, be transformed yourself, and be a difference-maker in the world.

What would it look like for you to let Jesus transform your study abroad experience into one where you are sent to heal?



InterVarsity Study Abroad is here to walk alongside you through what we hope will be one of the most spiritually rich times in your college career.