Global Leaders Internship

If you’re a student who’s ready to embark upon a spiritually courageous life abroad and seek a greater purpose in your host country, InterVarsity Study Abroad’s Global Leaders Internship (GLI) is for you! GLI is a unique opportunity to catalyze your leadership growth and discipleship while learning alongside the global church and experienced practitioners in missions.

GLI will offer focused discipleship, coaching, and formation to 15-18 study abroad students split into two geographically based cohorts. You will be supported and coached to seek God for a tangible and specific missional activity while you are abroad. We want you to be creative, but some examples might include: starting a Bible study or GIG, regularly serving your city/campus abroad, participating in a missions project with a local church/IFES movement, partnering with an ISM ministry, etc.

Benefits & Structure

  • In-person orientation at Urbana
    • All participants receive an Urbana scholarship!
  • GLI Launch Retreat
    • Europe cohort: in-person location TBD 
    • Rest of the World cohort: Zoom 
  • Cohort Digital Small Group
    • Weekly Zoom sessions, including guest visits from missions and global Church leaders
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching
    • InterVarsity mentor to coach growth goals and missional activity
  • Mid-Semester Spiritual Formation Retreat
    • Europe cohort: Journey pilgrimage of their choice (bringing a friend is encouraged)
    • Rest of the World cohort: Zoom
  • Digital Debrief upon return to U.S.


Europe cohort $500 registration includes:

  • All Launch and Journey costs, excluding transportation
  • SENT Handbook
  • Urbana orientation

Rest of the World cohort $50 registration Includes:

There is still time to apply for the Spring 2019 Cohort!

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