Info for Parents

InterVarsity comes alongside any student wishing to grow in their faith, be connected to a church, and be supported spiritually. We see study abroad as not only a great opportunity for students to learn and live in another culture, but to also grow significantly in their relationship with God.

For those coming from Christian backgrounds, we challenge them to grow in their leadership and partnership with faith communities while living abroad. For those who are curious about the Christian faith, we provide a safe place to encounter faith by exploring it in sacred places and historical contexts.

In Europe, this experience is called Journey, where a community of students from a variety of geographical and spiritual backgrounds come together.

Each Journey is led by InterVarsity staff experienced in campus ministry and trained in leading the program in a given location. Our staff follow all risk-management protocols as set by InterVarsity for any retreat or function. Our Journey itineraries are planned months in advance, carefully constructed, and designed to create a rich and transformative student experience.


How will my child get to Journey?

Journey always starts on location and students are expected to make their own travel arrangements to arrive there. As the semester goes on, most students have already traveled throughout Europe and have gained skills to get them from one city to the next. For students who haven’t traveled much, our staff are available to help them make a good travel plans in advance of their registration, if needed.

How is this different from a typical college spring break trip?

Journey’s design is a community experience. Students live, travel, and learn together. Therefore, there is little to no time for students to go off alone and definitely no time for pub crawls. Our trusted staff will be there to guide and help students debrief their experiences every step of the way.

How much does Journey cost?

The cost of Journey includes everything upon arrival (transportation, food, accommodations, guest speakers, and staff leadership). Whenever possible, we stay in affordable, religious guesthouses or student hostels. We’ve done everything we can to keep the total cost as low as possible. Because we are a nonprofit ministry and not a business, we are able to create a weeklong experience that is likely the most affordable of any guided student excursions. In addition, we’ve raised funds through generous ministry partners to offer scholarships to any student in need, as well as offering early-bird pricing. The remaining cost is well worth it!

If you have any questions or concerns about the program or itinerary, our program director would be happy to speak with you! Send us an email today.