How to Make Journey Possible

We believe Journeys are a powerful experience for anyone, no matter where they are in their faith journey. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to student participation, so here are a few ways you can cover some of your registration costs:

Ask your InterVarsity staff about a chapter scholarship

A lot of chapters have scholarship funds available to help students participate in various events like Urbana, fall conferences, etc. Reach out to your campus staff worker about the possibility of getting a scholarship to help cover your registration costs. Have your staff email with your name, which trip you’re registered for, and how much they would like to scholarship you and we’ll take care of the scholarship transfer with them.

Ask friends and family

Journey is not just another typical European excursion. It is designed with your spiritual growth in mind. For this reason, your friends and family may be willing to contribute financially. Talk to them about why you want to participate in Journey and how you think you will grow from it, and be bold in asking if they would be willing to help support you. Take a look at a sample fundraising letter. If Christmas or your birthday is coming up, you could ask for money toward your registration. 

Apply for a sponsorship

Sponsorships are available for all of our Journey pilgrimages thanks to ministry partners! The amounts vary by location and registration cost, but students can receive a significant discount by responding to the sponsorship essay questions found on each Journey program page and emailing them to Once our team has had a chance to review your response, we will let you know how much you will be awarded.