Reflecting Back, Looking Ahead

God takes us to new places to reveal more of who he is, show us what he’s doing in the world,and help us be receptive to his work in us.

Hopefully, you’ve seen God in your time abroad, experienced his care, and joined him in his mission. If so, you’ve been changed!

How will you bring your new experiences home with you? How will you let your journey abroad with Jesus continue to transform you, and bless those to whom you return?

As your semester abroad comes to a close and for several weeks after you're back home, it's important to spend time reflecting on your experiences abroad, so here are some questions to get you started:

  1. What has God been showing you about himself? About his work in the world?

  2. What has God been revealing to you about yourself? How have you seen him working in you? Has he been growing your character? Your desire or ability to share your faith? Have you discovered any new passions or spiritual disciplines?

  3. Has your worldview been changing?

  4. Are there invitations from God you’ve missed out on?

  5. Are there things for which you need to repent?

  6. What of your experience abroad would you like to integrate into your life back home? Are there priorities you want to adjust? New commitments Jesus is inviting you to make? Steps to take with friends, neighbors, or strangers in your neighborhood, your campus? Possibilities might include building relationships with international students, inviting outsiders into community, leading GIGs, continuing work on a second language, praying for or financially supporting the ministries you leave behind, helping others have spiritually rich study abroad experiences, etc.

  7. What are your concerns as you head home?  

  8. What do you hope for as you return home?

Spend some time in prayer around your reflections, hopes and fears, and letting him speak into the months ahead. He's not finished working in you through your time abroad, and wants to continue to transform you as you continue to follow him!