Digital Small Groups

Miles apart, but growing together.

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure: living in a foreign country, meeting new people, experiencing a different culture and language. But sometimes it can be a spiritually isolating and lonely experience, as well.

However, you don’t have to navigate these challenges alone!

In addition to connecting with an IFES Christian community in your host country, you can join a digital small group with other InterVarsity students who are studying abroad. This group can become an anchor to encourage your growth and partnership with God’s mission during your semester overseas.

Participating in a digital small group includes:

  • A community of InterVarsity students studying abroad in the same part of the world
    • This is an especially helpful option for students not studying abroad in Europe
  • An InterVarsity staff member or study abroad alumni who will host the small group
  • An opportunity to meet weekly via video chat
  • A Bible study curriculum specifically tailored to study abroad students
  • A re-entry reflection process that extends your small group into the first few weeks of your return home

Some of the themes you’ll experience in a digital small group:

  • Seeing new places with spiritual eyes
  • Prioritizing how, why, and where you travel during your semester abroad
  • Learning about and joining InterVarsity’s sister ministries overseas 
  • Being part of a local church, perhaps even one that challenges your comfort zone
  • Being open to unexpected opportunities for evangelism, starting Bible studies, or prayer ministry
  • Intentionally connecting with the people you encounter in your daily life