European Journeys

Do more than fill your photo album. Fill your soul.

Spend a long weekend retracing the ancient paths taken by saints and ordinary travelers for centuries. Unlike any other "excursion" you may take during your semester abroad, Journey is about much more than the destination: It's about a sacred encounter.

All Journeys give you the chance to learn from the spiritual history of the surroundings, including early Christian communities and writings, ancient spiritual practices of prayer and reflection, the stunning beauty of the land, and a community experience.

No matter which Journey you choose, anyone who is open to seeking God—regardless of religious affiliation or belief—can have an authentic, rich encounter with the divine.

If you're someone who is seeking something more than just a whirlwind tour of an interesting location — deeper spirituality, guidance, or healing — join us on the journey...


March 21-24, 2019

On Journey France, you can traverse the City of Light in search of a sacred experience that contrasts with the bustle of tourists and city life. More info here >>


April 4-8, 2019

On Journey Ireland you can touch, taste, see, and feel the rich history, spirituality, and landscape of Ireland. More info here >>


April 18-22, 2019

On Journey Italy, you can set foot on the same paths St. Francis and St. Clare walked in the Umbrian village of Assisi, and experience the Franciscan lifestyle of simplicity and prayer. More info here >>