IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions

The Christian Unions, or CU, is the Christian student movement in Ireland. You can learn more about IFES Ireland and how to pray for them at

IFES Ireland works in both Northern Ireland (NI, part of the United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). There are 1,500 students involved on 28 campuses. IFES Ireland has a variety of summer discipleship camps and mission trips that are open to American students. The groups in Dublin and Cork also do outreach to international students who aren’t believers - a great opportunity to get involved in cross-cultural ministry to students who are also away from their home cultures! IFES Ireland also utilizes the Uncover campaign to reach unbelievers. Find out what is happening at your host university in Ireland...

Dublin CUs

Trinity College Dublin

Thursdays at 7pm
Meets at Regent House above Front Arch

Globe Cafe - international student group
Facebook group 
Contact Clare 

University College Dublin

Thursdays at 6:30pm
Meets at The Chaplaincy near number 7 bus stop
Facebook group
Contact the CU 

Dublin City University

Mondays at 6pm
Meets at CG11, Henry Grattan Building
Facebook group 

Other Locations in Ireland

Go to the “Find Your CU” page of the IFES Ireland website to find a list of schools with contact information, meeting times and locations, and social media. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the contact form.

IFES Ireland Facebook group | Twitter 

This information was last updated June 2015. The IFES movement's own website may have more recently updated information.