In Thailand, you’ll learn how the gospel affirms the innate value of all people and creates safe space for vulnerable communities and cultures.

Program Focus: The exploitation of marginalized people groups, particularly through human trafficking.

Accreditation: Credits will be earned through Payap University.

Living Arrangements: Our semester program in Thailand is based in Chiang Mai in the Mekong region. Students live on a campus alongside people from the Lahu hill tribe who are training for bi-vocational ministry.

Excursions: An elephant trek, village visits, markets, and regional field trips.

Thailand Courses

INCL 314 Exclusion & Exploitation: Marginal People of the Mekong
Explore the basis of exclusion and the history of injustices like human trafficking toward the people of the Greater Mekong sub-region. 3 credits

INCL 256 History, Religion, & Society in the Mekong
Examine the major religions and history of the Mekong region, exploring the dynamics between its religious, political, and social foundations. Course includes field trips to nearby historical sites. 3 credits

PRAC 311 Cross-cultural Field Practicum
Four-week service-learning practicum designed to give students hands-on experience in development work. In Thailand, practicum opportunities engage with relevant issues like: poverty & hunger, primary education, empowering women, and sustainability. 3 credits

Find out more about four-week practicums here >>

INCL 255 Thai Cultural Arts
Engage culture through the epistemology of various Thai art forms, revealing how art can serve as an agent of cultural preservation and transformation. Course emphasizes workshop participation and reflection. 3 credits

SOC 381 Social Context for Community Development
An introduction to development practice and theory. Students will be exposed to a variety of strategies designed to involve members of the community in the process of transformation. 3 credits

Alumni Stories

Kelsey, now InterVarsity staff, shares a couple stories from her time as a student in Thailand. Check it out here




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