In Rwanda, you’ll learn how the gospel moves us to seek reconciliation and restoration of life and beauty amidst woundedness.

Program Focus: Peacebuilding and reconciliation in the context of a country that experienced a tragic genocide over 20 years ago.

Accreditation: Credits will be earned through Uganda Christian University.

Living Arrangements: Our semester program in Rwanda is based in Kigali where students live in a guesthouse with other students.

Excursions: A safari, rural site visits, markets, and regional field trips.

Rwanda Courses

INCL 345 Issues in Peacebuilding, Genocide, & Reconciliation
Learn about issues in peacebuilding, healing from trauma, and the establishment of reconciliation through the study of the ethnic conflicts in Rwanda. 3 credits

INCL 254 African Cultural Arts
Engage culture through the epistemology of various Rwandan art forms, revealing how art can serve as an agent of cultural preservation and transformation. Course emphasizes workshop participation and reflection. 3 credits

PRAC 311 Cross-cultural Field Practicum
Four-week service-learning practicum designed to give students hands-on experience in development work. In Rwanda, practicum opportunities engage with relevant issues like: education, public health, sustainability, and social-impact business. 3 credits
Find out more about four-week practicums here >>

INCL 340 African Traditional Religion & Culture
Provides an overview of African cultural and religious heritage while examining the historical interaction with other worldviews. Includes field visits and participation in various aspects of East African culture. 3 credits

SOC 381 Social Context for Community Development
An introduction to development practice and theory. Students study a variety of approaches to development including those that engage the community in the process of transformation. 3 credits

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