Info for Parents

As a parent of a student considering study abroad, we're sure you have plenty of questions. Below are some frequently asked questions. A more complete list of FAQs as well as a site dedicated entirely to parents of students considering GO ED can be found here.

How much does GO ED. cost?

GO ED. charges the standard tuition, room & board from the student's home college or university.GO ED. will collect all program fees directly from the sending institution. The student pays for personal expenses, domestic travel to/from U.S. Orientation, passport fees, vaccinations, the $50 application fee, and the $300 program deposit.

Will my student receive academic credit for GO ED.?

Yes. The GO ED. program is affiliated with accredited institutions overseas. Your child's GO ED. transcript will be sent to his home college or university.

Does GO ED. offer financial aid or scholarships?

No, GO ED. does not offer financial aid or scholarships at this time.

Where will my student live? Are there chaperones? Can you provide pictures of the housing?

Your student will live in an GO ED. guesthouse while taking classes. During practicum, student housing could range from a guesthouse in town to a home stay with a local family in a rural village. Each GO ED. location has student life coordinators, living with the students as they take classes. View photos of the GO ED. guesthouse in Kigali, Rwanda.

How safe are the countries that GO ED. operates in?

Student safety is a priority for GO ED. Please remember that GO ED. operates in developing countries as it introduces students to issues of poverty and injustice. GO ED. is constantly in connection with field staff that have daily contact with your students.

Can I visit my student while he/she is doing GO ED.?

Students are only in their GO ED. region for four months. They are encouraged to develop relationships among the local community and with their fellow students. Students who are overly connected with home often struggle to integrate with their region. Therefore, it is recommended that you not visit your student while he/she is in GO ED.

What if my student gets sick? What medical facilities are near GO ED. locations?

Students visit local medical facilities within their first week of arrival in their region and are familiarized with the medical office. Staff will accompany students in need of medical attention to the medical center.