Semester Program Support

This is a unique, once in a lifetime experience in which you will see God radically transform your life, emotionally and spiritually, while you learn all about a country from a biblical perspective.


The quote above is from Kelsey Schuett. Kelsey participated in InterVarsity's Semester program in 2016. Today she is serving as a CSM in California

Advocating for your student interested in InterVarsity semester partners

InterVarsity Study Abroad partners with third-party providers to offer faith-based semester programs that hold fast to the values held by Global Engagement and Justice. Each program location allows students to engage their faith with challenges in the local context while earning academic credit. We hope these semester experiences bring meaningful discipleship through displacement that cultivates long-term transformation in your students.

It is likely that InterVarsity’s program partners are not already approved with your student’s institution. Because of this, the student will need to go through a petitioning process to get approval to participate.

Staff Steps:

  1. Encourage your student to start the process early. Each institution has a different process and procedure, which means obtaining approval can take time. In general, students should begin the process a year before the intended semester abroad.
  2. Research institutional policy. Learn about your student’s institutional policy for third-party study abroad programs. Some are posted on their websites like the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater posted below, while others are not and will require talking with the study abroad office. Understanding the policy informs the process students need to take to go on the program.

    *UW-Whitewater students are also permitted to study abroad through non-affiliated providers, subject to case-by-case approval by the Office of Global Experiences. To discuss the possibility of participating in a non-affiliated program, please schedule an advising appointment with a Global Experiences Coordinator.” University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

  3. Engage with InterVarsity Study Abroad. We are here to help both you and your student through this process. The InterVarsity Study Abroad Advisor will assist your student throughout the petitioning process, so connect them with us to talk about next steps moving forward by email or have your student set up an appointment. We are also here to answer questions you may have during this process.
  4. Support your student. As a campus staff worker, you are a great source of encouragement and support as your student pursues studying abroad. Getting approval can be a long process with many obstacles since institutions typically prefer their established programs. Help them not to give up quickly.