Campus Study Abroad Office

As InterVarsity, we want to see every corner of the campus renewed, including study abroad! Since many university study abroad offices are not equipped to invest in student spiritual development, we have a unique opportunity to step into this void. We have created resources to help you serve your campus in this way. Consider meeting with study abroad staff at your school to make them aware of the ways InterVarsity supports Christian students abroad.

Resourcing Your Study Abroad Office

  1. Set up an appointment to visit. While some offices may welcome walk-ins, it is best to let them know you are coming to share study abroad resources from InterVarsity.
  2. Come with resources on hand. Bring brochures (LINK) and the Sent handbook (LINK) to show and potentially leave behind at the office.
  3. Share about InterVarsity resources using language suited to the university. We’ve framed them below using terms from the study abroad industry.

Short-term excursions called “Journey”

Journey France

InterVarsity offers 3- and 7-day excursion experiences exploring historic expressions of faith in Europe. These Journeys take place in France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. They are open to all students regardless of their faith background, but will contain Christian spiritual practices.

Sent Handbook

SENT handbook

Sent is a sixteen-week curriculum of guided spiritual formation exercises designed for the study abroad experience. It includes cross-cultural adaptation, spiritual growth, and re-entry upon returning to campus in the U.S.

Sent is the curriculum of InterVarsity Digital Small Groups - spaces for discussion, community and processing the study abroad experience with other Christian students.

Semester Programs

Journey France

InterVarsity sends students on academically rigorous study abroad programs with our third-party partner providers. In each location, students will:

  • Earn 15+ academic credits
  • Gain relevant work experience through a semester-long internship
  • Engage in a Christian faith community

Continue the Relationship

If your campus study abroad office is open to offering InterVarsity resources to students, maintain the relationship. Offer more brochures to put in the office and check in periodically if more are needed. Those can be ordered on the Staff Store website.