How to Cast Vision for Journey

What is Journey?

A spiritual pilgrimage where students follow in the footsteps of Christians who have gone before them in order to discern the next step on their walk of faith.

Why InterVarsity offers Journey

Study abroad students love to travel in Europe, taking an average of 5-10 excursions in one semester.InterVarsity offers Journey as a means of leveraging students’ wanderlust into a unique discipleship opportunity:

  • transforming them into spiritual pilgrims
  • renewing study-abroad culture
  • developing world changers who boldly invite friends to encounter God abroad

Watch Journey videos with your students

Journey Spain

You can also watch or download this video from vimeo.

Journey Ireland

You can also watch or download this video from vimeo.

Journey Italy

You can also watch or download this video from vimeo.

Why study abroaders should go on Journey

Drawing on our organizational core values, Journey invites students to grow in:


Students are encouraged to invite friends they’ve made while abroad, no matter their nationality or religious background. Together, students form a community of spiritual pilgrims seeking God.

Spiritual Formation

In the midst of what can be a challenging time apart from their US fellowship, students draw on tried-and-true spiritual practices that will cultivate intimacy with Christ, enabling them to return as leaders who know how to abide in the vine and can thus bear much fruit.


Like an international version of a chapter camp or spring break plunge, Journey provides a time set apart to build authentic relationships, and to be mutually encouraged and challenged at a time when they may be spiritually isolated in their host city.


Journey broadens students’ understanding of their faith by introducing them to a global Church that has existed for millenia and a global God who is moving beyond the boundaries of American Christianity.


Students are introduced to a variety of prayer styles from extended times of contemplative prayer to liturgies pulled from the local Christian community, from listening prayer that hones sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to prayer that physically embodies their inner movement toward God.


Students engage with scripture in a way that integrates it into the rhythms of each day, the life of the community, the themes of the pilgrimage, and the richness of their surroundings.

Three tips to remember

Cast Vision Early

Before students even go abroad, talk to them about going on a Journey. Emphasize how it is not just another option for a trip while in Europe, but can be a space to be transformed by God, as well as an evangelistic opportunity to invite new friends to explore God in sacred spaces.

Help them register.

Send students to the European Journey page to find information for available Journeys and register. Follow up to confirm students have registered.

Help them save.

Remind them of deadlines for early bird discounted registration. Offer them a scholarship from your chapter. Encourage students to save money by applying to receive available sponsorships from InterVarsity Study Abroad, fundraising among friends and family, and buying plane/train tickets early.