Become a Sending Chapter

Sending chapters help prepare, support, and receive students for cross-cultural mission as they study abroad. We have developed tools and resources for staff to do just that!

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Help Your Students...

Help your students prepare for cross-cultural mission as they play to study abroad.

Even though your students are off-campus, you can help your student thrive.

What if your students’ abroad experience would bless your chapter and the campus?

Study abroad can open doors to engage the whole campus with the gospel.


SENT Handbook

Equip your students to keep Jesus at the center of your time abroad.

Order copies of the SENT Handbook — a journal with oreintation material, a semester’s worth of Bible studies, and debriefing exercises.

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Promo Materials

Planning a missions oriented large group, a table on campus or having a one-on-one with a student? We have resources for you!


Help your students think about studying abroad as an opportunity to be sent.


Engage in yearly rhythms that help your chapter be most effective as you engage study abroad.

Trip Leaders

Lead a student or partner journey in Europe.


Opportunities for Staff

Staff Squad

Learn from our experts and staff who engage study abroad around the country.

Campus Visit

Request a study abroad staff to visit your campus.

Lead a DSG

Be a small group leader for students abroad around the world.

Journey with Us

Join or lead one of our student and partner trips abroad.