Turn an everyday activity into a sacred journey!

InterVarsity Study Abroad invites you to experience one of the oldest pilgrimage routes in Europe—the Camino de Santiago—by stepping out your own front door.

Digital Camino Quote

Take your first steps toward Santiago...

Traditionally, a peregrino (Spanish for pilgrim) would begin their journey to Santiago from their front door, eventually converging with one of several ancient pathways in northern Spain. On a Digital Camino, you can join the tradition via five audio-guided walks done on your own, accompanied by times of fun & reflection with fellow peregrinos.


Meet your fellow participants, your hosts, and special guests, as the whole group gathers on Zoom to learn about the Camino de Santiago and prepares to journey together.

Five Walks

Each audio-guided walk explores a Camino theme using a psalm, poem, scripture reflection, and prayer, plus a video blessing and a companion PDF journal for deeper reflection.


Conclude the time together on Zoom with a time of reflection and considering next steps to continue the Camino of your lives.

Debrief Groups

With any significant experience, it's important to process in an external way and with others. Debrief with people you know doing the Camino, or join a group of new-to-you peregrinos.

Facebook Group

A private Facebook group will serve as the "albergue," the special hostel reserved for peregrinos. Connect with others and share your experience through posts and comments.

Special Events

Optional Zoom events may include: Exploring Pilgrimage as Spiritual Practice, paella cooking class, Camino-themed film discussion, the Spirituality of Wine, and Eco-Discipleship.


Weekend Camino

Enjoy 2 or 3 days of retreat without even needing to get out of town.

Give your fellowship group the gift of a reflective retreat that includes 4-5 of our Camino walks, plus plenty of time for debriefing and community activities.


12-Day Camino

Take a soul-filling journey in your own neighborhood.

Wrapped around two weekends, the 12-Day Camino gives you enough time to enjoy all 5 walks amid regular life, yet is concentrated enough to bring about deep engagement with each theme and with other peregrinos.


5-Week Camino

Linger in the richness the Camino provides.

The 5-Week Camino is a great option for groups who want a slower experience for whatever reason: more time to complete each walk, use as weekly small-group curriculum, more time for communal events and debriefing in between walks, etc.